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April 10, 1922 - September 17, 2014. Words cannot properly express how grateful I am for having grown up with such a devoted, kind, generous and loving grandpa.

What a nice surprise while in Winnipeg for a few days! Arcade Fire with @ljab30!! Thanks for selling me your ticket @coreyandhobbes! #latergram #arcadefire #thereflektors (at MTS Centre)

BUTTERFLY (at Toronto waterfront)

Studying for the bar isn’t one of them…

Studying for the bar isn’t one of them…

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There’s only 36 hours left comment on the FCC’s proposal to allow for Net Neutrality-shredding “Internet fast lanes” that let phone companies to pick Internet winners and losers—it’s time to act.

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Winnipeg Folk Fest at night #latergram #wff2014 (at Birds Hill Provincial Park)

#latergram (at Seaside Park Beach, NJ)

It was raining pretty hard in there.

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